HSCT Warriors Podcast Ep. 00

Welcome to the HSCT Warriors Podcast – bringing voice to the journeys of HSCT Warriors worldwide – I’m Dr. Jen Stansbury Koenig, or “Zen Jen” – moderator of meaningful conversations and convener of community.

hsct ep. 00

HSCT stands for hematopoietic stem cell transplant – a medical procedure developed by the research of Dr. Richard Burt out of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Autologous non-myeloablative HSCT uses high-dose chemotherapy to target and obliterate the blood cells that carry the negative messaging of autoimmune disease. Once the diseased cells are “too low to count” the return of a patient’s own stem cells then helps to boost the growth of a brand new immune system.

As an HSCT warrior myself, I started this podcast to portray personal narratives and expand the snapshots from social media – to highlight the snowflakes (individual experiences) and recognize our superpowers – because we are just as unique in our HSCT journey, as we are in our experience with autoimmune disease.

It is important to note that at the start of this podcast in 2018, HSCT is being practiced worldwide, with clinics in Sweden and the United Kingdom that offer protocols based on Dr. Burt’s research – and clinics in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Poland, and more that use their own HSCT protocols – you can find more information with links to research and resources on our website HSCTWarriorsPodcast.com or the nonprofit that evolved from these interviews at HSCTWarriors.org

So whether you are – or know someone – who is battling Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type I Diabetes, Scleroderma, Lupus, or any of the autoimmune diseases that HSCT can halt – or are simply inspired by transformational journeys – you are in the right place.

The interviews you will hear on this podcast are intended to offer insight and create connections, reveal grace and express gratitude, promote wellness and cultivate well-being.

As we continue to grow the HSCT Warrior community, illuminate the invisibilities of autoimmune disease, recognize the possibilities of a future free from disease progression, connect through our shared experiences, and advocate for an inclusive society… we’re so glad you’ve joined us.

We all take the chance with HSCT because we believe that it is our only hope for a life free from progressive disease. This podcast is dedicated to all the warriors whose journey with HSCT ended too soon. We honor their advocacy, their legacies, and their spirits.

Special thanks to musical genius Billy Alletzhauser for sharing his superpowers to create the soundtrack, edit, and produce the audio to make this podcast possible. You can find us both when you subscribe on SoundCloud, iTunes or wherever you find your podcasts.

Take a moment to leave a review because your feedback will help to develop even better episodes, and your ratings will help other people find the show. Tune in next Wednesday for a brand new episode, highlighting another HSCT Warrior. Until then, be a snowflake and embrace your superpowers.  Be kind. Be well.

Hosted by: Dr. Jen Stansbury Koenig aka “Zen Jen”
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Jen Stansbury Koenig and the producers disclaim medical influence and responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information contained herein. If you think you have a medical problem, please contact a licensed physician immediately.


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