Reflections and Invitations

What an exciting first month of the HSCT Warriors Podcast! Reaching nearly 4,000 people in 12 countries around the world, it is exciting to connect through our unique stories and our shared experiences.

So far, we’ve featured stories from good work in Chicago to battle Multiple Sclerosis and Stiff Person Syndrome… next month we will hear journeys of HSCT Warriors who traveled to Mexico and Singapore, learn more about Lupus, and uncover additional resources.

As we continue to grow our Warrior community, we invite you to connect in new ways.  If you would like to share your journey on the podcast, please sign up to be interviewed! We ask that you extend the invitation to other Warriors so that we can highlight more journeys and ideas, targeting specific questions or feedback. We’re creating a panel of HSCT Veterans to offer insight from multiple perspectives, so if there are questions that you would like answered, we invite you to complete this brief “Ask the HSCT Warrior” survey and stay tuned as we develop new special episodes.

Ask the HSCT Warrior-2

We hope our listeners consider each episode an invitation to help illuminate the invisibilities of autoimmune disease, recognize the possibilities of a future free from disease progression, connect through our shared experiences, and advocate for an inclusive society.

Next month, we’re excited to feature special episodes designed to bring awareness to embodied self-care practices. The special episodes will highlight the science behind finding homeostasis, regulating our nervous systems, healing our tissues, and cultivating neuroplasticity. Offering guided self-care practices intended to support all Warriors (including HSCT hopefuls, veterans, and caregivers) along their journey, we hope all of our listeners will benefit from finding space to be attuned.

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe for weekly episodes highlighting new HSCT Warriors’ snowflakes and superpowers, or share a rating/review on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Thank you for being a part of our HSCT Warrior community!

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