HSCT Warriors Podcast Ep. 09

Warrior: Anna

Snowflake: RRMS
HSCT: February 23, 2017, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Superpower: Running  

How bright is the light you shine on your present situation? What are you committed to, without any doubts or hesitation, to achieve your “next best life”?

After hearing a “no” from her first attempt at HSCT, Anna remained open to try anything (including experimenting with mesenchymal stem cell therapy) to cure her MS. She found herself on Medicare and full-time disability for two years at the end of her late-thirties, so after failing four disease-modifying therapies (DMT) and facing the side-effects of yet another DMT, Anna chose to jump at the chance to revisit her application at Northwestern Memorial.

Tune in to hear more about Anna’s journey with Multiple Sclerosis and the effort she made to prevent her disease from progressing; the “rollercoaster” peaks and valleys of post-HSCT recovery; strategies to battle the chemotherapy-related fatigue, regain confidence, and embrace energy from physical exercise in simple environments; and pursue the best life possible.  

Be sure to explore our website, HSCTWarriorsPodcast.com where you can find notes from today’s episode, submit ideas or feedback, listen to more episodes, and access the latest HSCT research and resources. Special thanks to musical genius Billy Alletzhauser for sharing his superpowers to create the soundtrack, edit, and produce the audio to make this podcast possible. You can find us both when you subscribe on SoundCloud, iTunes or wherever you find your podcasts.

Take a moment to leave a review because your feedback will help to develop even better episodes, and your ratings will help other people find the show. Tune in next Wednesday for a brand new episode, highlighting another HSCT Warrior. Until then, be a snowflake and embrace your superpowers.  Be kind. Be well.

Hosted by: Dr. Jen Stansbury Koenig aka “Zen Jen”
Tags: #HSCT, #HSCTwarriors, #autoimmunedisease, #RRMS, #HSCTsnowflakes, #HSCTsuperpowers

Jesus Calling: Everyday Devotions by Sarah Young
Anna’s blog: https://endmyMS.com

HSCTWarriorsPodcast Ep_09


  1. Another great episode , these all motivate me to want to continue to keep improving. Thank you Dr. Jen and Anna.

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