Revisit the launch of AIMS, the world’s first HSCT charity

Snowflake: AIMS Charity, UK
HSCT: MS Caregiver, Alison
Superpower: Dedication

Have you considered the possibilities of traveling abroad to pursue HSCT to halt your autoimmune disease? Are you striving to overcome obstacles like funding or researching HSCT? How do you turn a challenge into opportunity for others?

Copy of HSCT Ep 2-3 Alison Coates

Meet Alison, a caregiver for her warrior husband who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2010 and experienced significant declines in a short time. Once they determined HSCT would be the best avenue for treatment, they struggled to be accepted to their local clinic in the United Kingdom. After fundraising to pursue HSCT at Clinica Ruiz in Puebla Mexico, they were finally accepted for treatment in the UK and allocated the dollars already raised to begin AIMS; the world’s first charity to support individuals in their pursuit of HSCT.

Tune in to learn more about how Alison came to co-found AIMS, the world’s first registered charity to support UK residents with Autoimmune Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, with an emphasis on HSCT.

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Resources noted:
AIMS Charity
Symptom Checker
Clinica Ruiz, Puebla, Mexico
Aa Maximov Hospital, Moscow Russia


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