Revisit Bethany’s journey and be inspired to care for yourself and others

Warrior: Bethany
Snowflake: Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: 03/08/05
Superpower: Heightened awareness

When you need a different course of action, how long will you bide your time? How confident are you among judgement, shock and awe? What will be your mindset at rock bottom?

HSCT Warriors Podcast Ep. 43 (1)

Having so many family members plagued with autoimmune disease, Bethany had just run out of options to treat her MS when her mom happened to watch an interview with Dr. Burt. With a ‘must do’ attitude, Bethany confronted HSCT and the public eye with brave resolve. Proclaiming it to be “literally the best thing that ever happened in my life,” you’ll likely be inspired to shed any fears about HSCT when you hear more of Bethany’s journey.

Tune in to hear more about the reciprocity of community, how Bethany continues to promote HSCT and coach others on their own journeys, as well as insights on why HSCT isn’t an option offered by more doctors.

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Resources noted:
Other HSCT veterans
Facebook groups

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