As an HSCT warrior, I started this podcast to portray personal narratives and expand the snapshots shared in social media – to highlight the snowflakes (individual experiences) and recognize our superpowers – because we are just as unique in our HSCT journey, as we are in our experience with autoimmune disease. Check out my personal blog to learn more about my own journey with HSCT.

I am ever grateful for the warriors who have shared their experiences to make this podcast possible, and for the outpouring of support from our community of listeners. It’s exciting to report that since our launch in August of 2018, we have reached listeners in more than 52 countries around the world, and supported thousands along their journey with HSCT to halt autoimmune disease.

That said, it is is important to clarify that I am not a doctor of medicine, but of educational leadership; and the producers of this podcast disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects from application of any information contained within this podcast, and encourage you to practice extensive inquiry and research. The interviews you hear on this podcast are intended to offer insight and create connections, reveal grace and express gratitude, promote wellness, and cultivate well-being. So if you think you have a medical issue, please contact a licensed physician.

As we continue to grow the HSCT Warrior community, illuminate the invisibilities of autoimmune disease, recognize the possibilities of a future free from disease progression, connect through our shared experiences, and advocate for an inclusive society… I am so grateful that you’ve joined us.  ~ “Zen” Jen


day 3 of chemotherapy in the care of phenomenal nurses at Northwestern Memorial Hospital