Reconnect with HSCT hopeful Yavor to learn from his consistency and positive mindset (S7 replay)

Warrior: Yavor Milanov
AI: Relapsing Remitting MS
HSCT: Scheduled in March 2022
Superpowers: Consistency

How well do you attune with culture? Is your mindset one of growth, or is it fixed? How do you navigate your internal compass?

After his diagnosis, Yavor felt tired and run-down facing his experience as a new immigrant working three or four jobs at a time. He experienced terrible side effects after steroids and trying an initial disease modifying therapy, so returned home to Bulgaria for a long respite. Rest, reduced stress, and time with family and friends  helped reduce his symptoms and after six months, he returned to Canada and began noticing his disease becoming more active. 

Refusing to accept an incurable disease as his destiny, Yavor made radical changes to his diet and lifestyle to become as healthy as possible. Tune in to learn more about Yavor’s experience with the Wahl diet, mesenchymal stem cells in Panama, how he leaned on the discipline of swimming to keep his motivation and disposition positive, and his ability to anticipate (rather than react) to what is on the horizon, including his plans to pursue HSCT in Russia.  

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