Revisit Ellie’s journey with HSCT and get comfortable to “let go of expectations”

Warrior: Ellie Baum
Snowflake: RRMS 
HSCT: 6/16/16, Chicago
Superpower: Tuning into the body

Do you know the importance of truly understanding your body? Can you get comfortable with letting go expectations?

Meet Ellie, a warrior diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who received HSCT at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in June, 2016. Ellie initially found HSCT in 2003 but didn’t find herself ready for the procedure until 2015 after a relapse forced her to stop working. 

Determined to “stay the course” and not rush into anything, hear more about the benefits of tuning into and getting to know your body throughout the recovery rollercoaster. Ellie shares some of the strategies she uses to tune in and focus on breathing, healing, and well-being. 

Tune in to hear more about Ellie’s journey to embrace uncertainty, learn strategies to support the nervous and autonomic systems, and better get to know your body, nutrition, balance and well-being. Continue following Ellie and her abundance of gratitude on her blog, shared in the list of resources below.

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Resources noted: 
Ellie’s blog: