Meet Mendo and the positive mindset he embraces, thanks to HSCT (Ep. 84)

Warrior: Mendo Micevski
AI: Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: June 2021
Superpower: Mindset

Are you someone who prefers to live in the shadows? How well do you notice the ‘chalk and cheese’?

After years of noticing odd symptoms that doctors could not figure out, Mendo was walking to dinner one Saturday evening when his vision became blurry and doubled in his left eye. The following day he visited a specialist’s hospital in Melbourne where the doctor noticed inflammation of his optic nerve, suggested it could be multiple sclerosis, and encouraged him to get an MRI. After receiving the diagnosis in 2005, Mendo was in a bit of shock as he was unfamiliar with the disease, aside from commercials about the medications that depicted people in a wheelchair.

Tune in to learn more about the slow decline that Mendo experienced, how he learned that HSCT might be an option for him (though not in Australia), his journey to Russia, his experience during HSCT and returning to quarantine in Australia, and how he is faring and all the differences he is noticing at 10 months post-transplant. 

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