Meet Matt and be inspired to find peace of mind (Ep. 99)

Warrior: Matt LeFrance
AI: Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: June-July 2022
Superpower: peace of mind

How do you know what to expect? From whom do you seek feedback? How do you decide to take the next step?

Diagnosed just after college at the young age of 25 when he experienced double vision and a variety of doctors had a hard time understanding what was going on, Matt was diagnosed after a MRI revealed a lesion on his brain stem. As he pondered what was next, despite feeling as though life was ending when it should be only just beginning, Matt spent time researching his options for treatment before aging out of insurance coverage. 

Tune in to learn more about Matt’s research efforts, his natural approach to managing MS for thirteen years before HSCT, and how he fared during his time in Puebla at Clinica Ruiz. Be sure to visit our website, where you can find notes from today’s episode, submit ideas or feedback, or connect with HSCT Warriors, Inc. and schedule time to “Talk with a Warrior”, find the latest research and resources, or explore the world map. Special thanks to musical genius Billy Alletzhauser for sharing his superpowers to produce the soundtrack, and engineer the audio to make this podcast possible. You can find us both when you subscribe on SoundCloud, iTunes or wherever you find podcasts.

It has been great to connect with Warriors worldwide, so please reach out if you’re interested in sharing your story. We would love to learn how the podcast has helped your journey with autoimmune disease so if you could take a moment, leave us a comment on instagram or share feedback on our website. We hope you’ll tune in next Wednesday for another episode, highlighting another HSCT Warrior. Until then, be a snowflake and embrace your superpowers.  Be kind.  Be well.


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