Be inspired by Chloe to increase awareness, and stay active and sane despite COVID (Ep. 61)

Warrior: Chloe Zallen
AI: Relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
HSCT: Oct/Nov 2020
Superpowers: self-love

Are you able to recognize your limitations? Are you aware of your stressors? Where do you find courage to be confident in your decisions?

As a traveling cardiac specialist with experience at several hospitals, Chloe found herself in an extremely stressful environment with a lot of fear incited by the uncertainties of her MS. When she suddenly had numbness along the entire right side of her body, she began googling her symptoms and weighing the possibilities while awaiting the results of an MRI. Though she received a diagnosis soon thereafter, nearly every neurologist she consulted encouraged the same disease-modifying therapy and after researching the side effects, Chloe opted instead to adopt special diets and a natural path to managing her symptoms. 

Tune in and learn more about how Chloe found complete relief from her symptoms while away in New Zealand, find motivation to be your own advocate, and how she found her way to HSCT despite doctors’ and friends’ concerns that she would die. Hear more about her experience in Monterrey and how she was able to stay active and sane despite the global pandemic.

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