Revisit our chat with Brooke Slick about managing setbacks post-HSCT (S5 replay)

Warrior: Brooke Slick
AI: Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: 2013
Superpower: surrender

Are you able to surrender to all that seems out of your control? How easy is it for you to allow things to just happen?

Revisit Brooke’s journey to HSCT and learn more about the setbacks she has faced post-HSCT, (including surgeries for trigeminal neuralgia) but also the influence of mindset, and the inspirations she has found with persevering in her battle with MS beyond HSCT. 

Tune in to check-in with our dear friend, Brooke and hear more about how she continues to support others along their journey to HSCT and celebrate the gifts of community and service to others. 

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