Revisit Joceline’s honest reflections and find compassion for others (S6 replay part 1)

Warrior: Joceline
AI: Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: soon in 2021?
Superpowers: doing nothing

How do you establish trust in the systems? How many doctors have you fired? How do you find patience when you find yourself on the brink?

After initially being brushed off by doctors, once diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Joceline found she wasn’t interested in pursuing medication for what she felt doctors knew very little about at the time. As she chose to pursue a natural course of treatment with Qi Gong, diet, and acupuncture, Joceline offers powerful reflections with the wisdom of hindsight in finding compassion for her younger self, who just wanted to feel ‘normal’ despite her diagnosis. 

Tune in this week to learn how after eight years of managing the diagnosis with alternative narratives and symptom etiologies, Joceline finally experienced her diagnosis-moment after finding a neurologist who appeared genuinely concerned for her well-being. Sharing details about the ups and downs of relapses, rejecting medications, and navigating modifications to walking, working, and support by the NHS medical professionals, this two-part episode offers a wealth of information and insights along the road to HSCT. As a nurse’s assistant by training, Joceline shares one of the most detailed interviews about her journey through diagnosis, treatment, and pursuit of HSCT, including sharing her strategies for fundraising and finding patience as she awaits the border to reopen.

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