Pause to reflect and find gratitude with our own ‘zen’ Jen and friend, Sara Leah (replay from S1)

Warriors: ‘Zen’ Jen & Sara Leah
Snowflake: RRMS
HSCT: October 18, 2017, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Superpower: Zen

Do you embrace life’s challenges with open arms? One step at a time? As you find your way along your journey, do you pause to reflect in the moment and express gratitude for those who are along with you?

Learn more about the journey of our very own ‘Zen’ Jen, as she shares the mic for a chat with her dear friend Sara Leah and they find commonalities in their unique experiences with MS. With a fun break from the usual interview protocol, enjoy this conversation from the lens of someone curious to know more about HSCT, in celebration of Jen’s one-year HSCT birthday.

Special thanks to musical genius Billy Alletzhauser for sharing his superpowers to host this interview live in the Belfry; especially for his efforts to create the soundtrack, record, edit, and perfect the audio to make this podcast possible. You can find us both when you subscribe on SoundCloud, iTunes or wherever you find your podcasts.

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HSCT at Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati
HSCT at Clinica Ruiz, Mexico

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