Meet Cassidy along her journey of over-achieving before and after HSCT* (Ep. 67)

*This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners, including mentions of suicidal ideation. Please check the show notes for more detailed descriptions and take care of yourself*

Warrior: Cassidy V. Chapman
AI: Multiple Sclerosis
HSCT: July 15, 2019
Superpower: Passion for bringing awareness to HSCT

To what extent are you an over-achiever? How open are you to receiving support from others? Where do you find family?

After being diagnosed with MS her first year of law school, Cassidy was initially able to manage her disease with a variety of disease-modifying therapies. Though building a successful career as an attorney came with compounding stress that caused significant relapses which left Cassidy fighting optic neuritis and blindness, it was the fatigue and cognitive impairments that ultimately led her doctor to recommend she stop working. After waiting 33 months to be approved for social security disability, Cassidy found creative ways to stay afloat while managing her relapses and steroid psychosis. Thanks to the guidance of an eleven-year HSCT veteran, once Cassidy decided it was time to pursue HSCT, she surrounded herself with caregivers.

With frank conversation about Cassidy’s experience seeking disability about the side effects of multiple sclerosis and its’ medical treatments, including steroid psychosis that led to homicidal and suicidal ideation (skip 40:00-42:30 and 1:02:00-1:05:05 if you want to avoid these parts of the conversation), this episode offers helpful insights about MS symptoms to look out for both pre- and post-HSCT. Tune in to learn more about Cassidy’s scare at 14 months post-HSCT and how her experience with HSCT has shifted her perspective and her priorities.

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