Meet Lynn and how the nuances of CIDP led her to pursue HSCT (Ep. 57)

Warrior: Lynn Rogers
AI: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)
HSCT Hopeful:
Superpower: widened lens

Have you ever worried about asking people for help when their investment isn’t a sure thing? How do you define barriers to treatment for your autoimmune disease?

As a triathlete, crossfit-er, and marathoner preparing for an Ironman race, imagine the frustration when Lynn found herself paralyzed after two weeks of testing that led to no answers. Having a career in biomedical engineering with a focus on helping individuals with motor-recovery, Lynn was very surprised to find herself struggling with the same acute neurological issues as her patients.

Tune in to learn more about her journey with symptoms that were not “textbook” and how the diagnostic testing not designed to pick up subtleties rendered her borderline, ultimately prolonging a diagnosis. Learn more about Lynn’s efforts to find answers and collaborate with her doctors over the course of three years to develop a plan of action that is leading her to pursue HSCT.

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